Code lyoko Evolution (Pengertian) English Version

Code Lyoko Evolution is an upcoming spin-off of

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Code: LYOKO. Paris, France-based Moonscoop is set to produce a new version of its animated seriesCode: LYOKO with co-pro partners France Télévisions and Canal J. The 

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series is reported to air in fall 2012 , specific dates are unknown as of yet. However, according to the official Code Lyoko Facebook, the filming of the live-action scenes is reported to take part during the summer of 2012[1]. It was announced in June that filming would last 45 days during the summer, and that animation would take place between July 2nd and August 31st. [2]


The new season, Code Lyoko Evolution, will be the fifth in the series. It will reportedly use live action for Earth-based scenes and remain in CGI for Lyoko scenes.[3] 26 episodes will be aired [4] on Canal J and France 3 in France. Reportedly, in the US Cartoon Network is unlikely to air Code Lyoko. However, Moonscoop is working on finding new partnership to air the new season in the States.


Moonscoop has developed an extensive licensing and merchandising campaign around the IP including an

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upcoming live show to launch in Spain.


In addition, the company is developing a MMORPG in collaboration with CJ Internet. The gaming experience will include full 3D, real role-playing universe and a full combat system. Also in development is a social online game designed for Facebook and other online platforms, which is set to be launched in Summer 2012 [5].

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